613 Cycling App

This was an app concept for 613 Cycling. This app allows users to create routes/rides and post them in the app. Once created, other users can see the posted rides and choose to join.

The Design Process

After completing the 613 Cycling logo, the cycling community was on my mind. I decided to create an app concept in which users could find other cyclists to ride with in their area. Throughout the design process, I constantly referred back to the app definition statement: local cyclists need a way to organize group rides so they can exercise and socialize. Referring back to this everytime a new feature was added was a way of ensuring that every decision made related back to the statement and enhanced the user's overall experience.

My Rides

In the My Rides screen, users have a schedule of all the upcoming rides they’ve committed to. Here they can view the time, location, distance and route of the ride as well as what other members will be attending.

Join Ride

In the Join Rides screen, users can view what other rides are taking place in their area. To view the details of each ride, they can click on the information icon. To join a ride and add it to their schedule, they simply click the plus-sign icon. Below is a quick animation of how a user would join a ride. After clicking the add ride icon, the ride is added to their My Rides page.

  • Create Route

    In the Create Route screen, users can create their own ride and post it for others to join. They have the option to create a custom route or choose from a list of past routes that have been created in their chosen area. Criteria for creating a ride includes: date & time, meeting/start point, route and skill level.